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WC3 Challenge/Tourny Rules

What game does everyone play now?
Starcraft 2
Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_lcap26%Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_rcap
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Warcraft 3
Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_lcap35%Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_rcap
 35% [ 11 ]
League of Legends
Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_lcap19%Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Rules I_vote_rcap
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World of Warcraft
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Diablo 2
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No games at all
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Other game not listed
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Total Votes : 31

Clan TMMM Challenge/Tournament Information

This page has all the info you need for participating in a WC3 tournament or challenge.

General Challenge
Standard Tournament
General Challenge/Standard Tournament Rules
Stacking Immunity
Special Rules Tournament
Elimination Tournament
Time Trial Tournament

General Challenge

A challenge is 1 match between a shammy and the challenger.
This match consists of 2 mazes, 1 land, and 1 ice
Both mazes are picked before the match begins, the shammy picks first.
The maze that the shammy picks is played first
The chief of the clan (or someone he chooses to be in his place) must be in the game for the match to be official.
During the match the shammy will have his shaman status taken away. (Depending on the circumstance)
After the match the winner will have shammy and a grace period where he is immune to having his shammy challenged. (Unless he chooses to: See Stacking Immunity)
This grace period lasts 3 days if the challenge was made known before hand on the forums, or 5 days if the shammy accepts the challenge on the spot on bnet
The loser must wait 3/5 days before being able to challenge anyone again.
If the loser has lost 3 challenges in a row 7 days is added to that wait time
An additional 7 days is added for each loss after that
You lose your ability to challenge after losing 7 challenges in a row

Standard Tounament

A tournament is a special event and is a series of 1 on 1 matches.
Each match uses 2 mazes, 1 land, and 1 ice
Both mazes are picked by the chief before the tournament begins and are used for every match in that tournament.
The land maze is played first.
The chief of the clan (or someone he chooses to be in his place) must be in the game for the match to be official.
After the match, the winner moves on to the next match.
The loser is out of the tournament.

General Challenge/Standard Tournament Rules

2 points for finishing first.
1 point for finishing second.
0 points for dieing
Getting the most gates in a level with gates is worth 1 point (gates are anything that block your way that need a key or switch to open)
Getting extra continues in maps that have continues are worth 0 points unless otherwise stated by the chief (or someone he chooses to be in his place)
DO NOT FINISH THE LEVEL UNTIL THE CHIEF (or someone he chooses to be in his place) SAYS GO
Wait at the end of the level, before the checkpoint of the next level, until you are instructed to go

Stacking Immunity

Shammys can choose to accept a challenge while they are immune
If they win that immunity is stacked with any other immunity they have
If they lose, they lose everything
Stacking immunity more then once gives bonus immunity
This bonus immunity is 1 day more then the number of times immunity is stacked
So if 3 challenges were won while immune thats 4 bonus days plus the days from the stacked immunity
Immunity cannot be stacked over 30 days or more then 5 times

Special Rules Tournament

This type of tournament will have a variation of the general rules to make it more interesting or more difficult
These rules will always follow the general rules/standard tournament format, the only difference will be the points value, and/or the addition of special events.
Special events could be anything, Examples: being able to bet your points at the final lvl, having a time limit before a 3rd mazer tries to beat you, having a partner, etc..
Special Rules will be made known at the announcement of the tournament

Elimination Tournament

An elimination tournament is about speed and endurance
Unlike standard tourneys or challenges there are no points for coming in 2nd place
Only 1 Map is used, a map that consists of both ice and land
EACH gate is worth .1 point to the first person that opens it when they open it
Each level is worth 1 point in a maze with an equal amount of ice and land levels, if there is more land then ice (or more ice then land) then the points differ
In the case of Maze v2.4 land levels are worth 1 point, ice levels are worth 2
You don't have to wait at the end of the level like in standard tourneys or challenges, you can finish as soon as you get there
Matches are decided randomly using the number next to your name
You can keep retrying using all the your continues
At the end of the match the winner goes on to the next match immediately (which is picked at random), the looser is eliminated.
The winner of the tournament is whoever eliminates the most people (ties will go into a standard challenge)
If after using all the continues in a match and the score is still 0-0, your both eliminated
Do not skip checkpoints, or use glitches to skip levels, normal pathing glitches are allowed

Example Maze v2.4 Points Guide:
2 points for ice levels
1 point for land levels
0 points for 2nd place (or dieing)
.1 point for EACH gate

Time Trial Tournament

In a time trial tournament you are trying to get the fastest time to win
There will be 1 maze (usually land)
The time it takes to complete a level is recorded for every level that is completed
Those times are then added up and divided by the total number of levels that were completed giving a raw average time
Time bonuses/penalties are then added to your raw average
Time bonuses are achieved every time you finish a lvl, and are worth (2*that level) seconds (So lvl 1 is worth 2 seconds off your time, lvl 2 worth 4 seconds, 3 is worth 6, 4 is worth 8, etc..)
Finishing the entire maze is worth a time bonus of 50% of your raw average
These bonuses all add up, depending on how many levels you finished, and the total is subtracted from your raw average
Time penalties are given to those that fail on the first level of the maze, 10 seconds is added to your raw average every time you have to restart the maze
Time penalties can't exceed 60 seconds, if you get 60 seconds of time penalties you are disqualified
Once time bonuses/penalties have been applied to the raw average it becomes the final time
The winner of the tournament is the person with the lowest final time
All pathing glitches are allowed
You do not have to wait for a go at the end of each level


When tied the match goes into another maze
This is called Sudden Death
This maze is picked at random and can be anything
You must lead by 2 in order to win Sudden Death
Lead by 2 means that 1 person is ahead by 2 points and there is no way for the other person to get within 1 point of the person in the lead within the level
Continues are worth 0 in Sudden Death no matter what
The rest of the rules in Sudden Death work like a general challenge


In order to be eligable to participate in a challenge or tournament you must meet the following:

You must be in the clan for greater then 7 days.
You must not be using an aka (using an alternate account).
You cannot enter the same tournament more then once.
If you and a brother/sister sign up for the same tourney, you both must be able to play at the same time, on different computers.
For touneys that are for shammy spots you cant participate if your already a shammy.
You must have an account on the forums
You must have read this page