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PostSubject: To the Moon   To the Moon I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2015 9:21 am

stole my money during the winter sale. i figured at the time, eh w/e $5 is pretty good for a game ill never play, but i actually played it

you probably realized it too, just from that, but the music fucking carries this game. think about how you barely made it through that video. try watching it again without music. "well this is stupid" *text appears* "and pretentious."

anyways, the story is also pretty good. makes you think about a few things. the genre for the game is something like 2d-exploration-puzzle-ambiance, and it's definitely a strong game if that's what you're looking for
i don't know what point pixel-graphics ambiance games are trying to prove. yeah you don't need visuals to make a good atmosphere, but they sure as fuck help

maybe i lack a certain level of empathy, but sometimes i think some of these tragic outcomes, particularly in games, are from straight poor/unrealistic decision making on behalf of the npc's. not to say it's all their fault all the time but, like, a healthy chunk for sure

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