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 Da movies 2014!

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PostSubject: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2014 11:48 pm

Been meaning to make this thread for decades, cept i never felt any particular reason to, as most movies out were average. But now before 2014 ends, i must attempt a movie blitz, since so many *great* movies are out, like interstellar, nightcrawler, gone girl, birdman and MOAR. Post your own reviews for any movies in here.
First up for me was Christopher Nolan's latest pick
Its always better to go into a movie not knowing anathang. So here is my vague non-spoiler review. The effects are really good, much worth watching on the big screen. Story is mostly well grounded and uses actual scientific theories that are mostly ignored in other sci-fi movies. The plot is cool and it has an original way of showing stuff we have already seen before. TBH, this movie has one majorly annoying flaw residing in the final act. All ill say is i believe Pat will hate this movie, because it has its cake and eats it too.
So i'm giving this movie a 7.5/10 because of the major disappointment mentioned in my spoiler review. I may go as far as saying its Christopher Nolan's worst movie, which is pretty amazing considering its not really that bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 20, 2014 10:17 pm

I ended up watching Birdman instead of Gone Girl
Was a really good movie, i'm writing this literally right after seeing it and i thought it was pretty well made. I prefer not saying anything about the plot, because i feel like movies are more enjoyable when you don't know what your getting into, but ill say the way it was shot was really cool. I don't feel the need to discuss anything in the spoilers. All around solid movie
Post movies you saw here if you interested!
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PostSubject: Re: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2014 7:42 pm

Yea I'm usually the one to start this, but alas I didn't this year. When I free up and go on a movie binge I'll post what I thought
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PostSubject: Re: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2014 1:38 am

You forced my hand mark!!

Got to see Gone Girl at last!
Gone Girl
Overall Gone Girl is a pretty damn good movie. The acting, the plot and the twists were all really really well done. Like Birdman, it has some social commentary, but i felt more related to Gone Girl, because it tackled something that happens in the media all the fucking time. The movie is like 2 hours and a half, but it didn't see the time fly and i really didn't want it to end, it was a good ride. Probably one of my favorite movies this year.
I don't want to over hype it for you guys and i don't like handing these out but this movie for me is really perfect.

I think the last of the 4 movies i wanted to see this year was NightCrawler and maybe Fury (but i don't think fury will be on par with the rest of these). So my next review will probably be NightCrawler
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PostSubject: Re: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 10:46 pm

Been awhile since i posted about movies, so heres a long post about movies
I still have to see Birdman and The Imitation Game

Edge of Tomorrow (6/10)
It was fairly average to me, i guess i was expecting more after what bacon said
It just felt like it couldve been better, but i wouldnt say its bad
I guess i was expecting something like Looper but got an action version of Groundhog Day which is fine, i love groundhog day, but it didnt feel like anything new to me and i think the concept works better as a comedy

Gone Girl (9.3/10)
One of the longest movies ive seen recently, but didnt even realize how long it was until it was over and it was nearly 3 hours after we started watching lol
It was really great, the twist got me in a way that i wasnt expecting
Well worth spending the 2 and a half hours to watch

The Lego Movie (9/10)
This is amazing, the story is great, the way its filmed is fantastic, its like part stop motion part cgi part live action, which sounds like it would be a mess but it all comes together amazingly well
Its 1 of the best family/kids movies, but even beyond that its a good movie in general
And its pretty funny

The Maze Runner (5/10) (potentially 8/10 in the future)
The ending to this really drags it down since it ends on a cliffhanger baiting you into the sequel which doesnt exist
If the sequel is good (and i will watch it) i will change this to potentially 8/10 (probably 7/10) as the ending will no longer drag it down
Before the ending it was very enjoyable, with 1 exception
It feels like we are missing more than half of the story because of that ending, all i ask for is some sort of conclusion, could even be open ended that would be great
But dont just set up for the sequel without explaining anything it really pisses me off (unless i can watch the sequel right away)

Oculus (9.5/10)
This is incredible, your perception and interpretation of this movie as you watch is exactly what the movie is regardless of what that perception/interpretation is
Unfortunately most people dont see that, they just see it as a standard/generic ghost story with a terrible ending, which i cant argue with because of what i said above so its very underrated and fairly unappreciated
But if you see what i see its amazing

Guardians of the Galaxy (I am Groot)
This is damn good, funny, action packed, emotional at times, great characters, just all around great
It was actually surprising to me, i went in expecting something completely different to what this was but was much happier with what i got than i would be with what i expected

Her (5/10)
I liked this at first, then it got boring as it dragged on
Its the kind of movie that has a message, and i get that message, but the message feels unnecessary to me
Maybe if the message worked for me id rate it higher but its just boring to me
It had some moments where i really liked it, that i wouldnt consider boring
But most of the time it was boring

The Inbetweeners 2 (7/10)
So this started out as a british comedy sitcom about 4 friends in highschool, the show has 18 episodes and is great
Then the show went off the air and they started doing movies instead, the 2nd movie was released this year
The movies arent bad but the show is a lot better
A lot of the jokes are immature, but the set up for them is amazing and it turns something that would normally be an unfunny immature joke into something hilarious
The 2nd movie is the worst of the series, the show should definitely be watched though

Predestination (8/10 or 4/10)
So i dont really know how to feel about this one
Ive managed to make it make sense in a way that is pretty cool, so i guess im going with 8/10, but you could very easily argue that it was terrible
This is how i see it
So yeah, either 8/10 or 4/10

The Interview (6/10)
I only watched this cause it was pulled from theaters
Its not bad, some parts are funny, but its pretty average all around

Interstellar (5/10)
I agree with bacon on this being Christopher Nolan's worst movie
I disagree that the movie uses real scientific theories, it tries to but its almost entirely science fiction since they got most of the science wrong, they almost got 1 thing right though

I had many complaints with the science in that but as it goes its clearly science fiction so i cant complain, but i would have prefered them to not try to put some real science in since it was all inaccurate in some way
But i have other complaints which is where the 5/10 rating comes from
Oh and heres a few of the science complaints if you were wondering (some of them are valid even with the "its science fiction so stfu" mentality)
And i would argue that they didnt "have its cake and eats it too"

Nightcrawler (8/10)
I cant write a thing for this without spoiling something
If the IMDB plot summary interests you its worth watching

These arent really 2014 but im throwing them here since we went from Summer 2013 to top movies of 2014, so we skiped september-december of 2013

Enders Game (9/10)
This was really good and makes me want to read the books to see what happens (though i didnt)
It ends on a cliffhanger like maze runner does but does it in a much better way that im ok with waiting for the next movie since this part had a real conclusion
Im curious to know the differences between the book and the movie now, and how the movie is compared to the book

Gravity (6/10)
A very standard survival story, but set in space so it looks cooler
It is visually impressive and has an emotional moment, but its a story weve seen a million times without any variation to it (i dont count the space setting as a variation to the story)
So while its not bad, i cant say its good either

The World's End (7/10)
A comedy written by the same people that made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, 2 really good comedies, but it doesnt really live up to those movies
Its no where near as funny, but it is still entertaining and has its moments
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PostSubject: Re: Da movies 2014!   Da movies 2014! I_icon_minitime

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Da movies 2014!
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