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PostSubject: Hawken   Hawken I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2013 8:45 pm
I'm gonna give this game a go over the next few days. Its in an open beta for anyone else who wants to play
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PostSubject: Re: Hawken   Hawken I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2013 9:30 pm

Ill check it out
My name on it is Pat1488
Ill probably start playing in 30 mins or so

Played the tutorial stuff
I like how most of the hud is in the mech, like you are actually piloting it
I also like how the starter mech is called CR-T and looks like an old giant CRT monitor/tv with arms and legs

The customization of the mech seems pretty cool as well
But it doesnt look like the kind of game i would play regularly, unless it has some really good game modes (which i havent looked at yet)

Played 5 team deathmatch matches and 2 siege matches
Team deathmatch is exactly what you would expect

Siege is cool but hard, takes much longer, and is more chaotic
You collect energy from 2 or 3 nodes on the map by standing under it (you can fight and do w/e while collecting energy as long as you stay in range) the nodes arent team specific so anyone can take energy from any node, but theres a max of 3 people per node, for every person taking energy from the node the rate that each person collects energy goes down until its really slow with 3 people, you can hold up to 200 energy, once you have as much as you want you go back to your base where you deposit the energy, once you get 800 energy a battle ship is launched, it flies over to the enemy base and starts damaging it, the base starts with 3k hp and the battleship is the only thing that can hurt it
When a battleship launches you can take and hold an AA gun thats in the center of the map, the AA gun will shoot at the enemy battleship (you can also shoot at it too but it takes a lot to kill it), once your ship is killed the whole process starts over again until a base is destroyed
There is no time limit on the match and they could potentially go on forever if each team keeps getting the AA gun at the right time back and forth

Theres a 3rd mode that i couldnt try because there were only 2 servers running it that had people and they were both always full, so ill try that tomorrow

The difference between high level players and low level players is huge, level 21-24s were wrecking my level 7 mech (technically i was level 1 since i havent spent any points or currency on anything yet), it was a lot more evident in siege mode then in team deathmatch since in team deathmatch you can choose your battles carefully and surprise or outmaneuver higher level players where as in siege your forced into a more direct fight
Also theres more high level players that play siege and more low level players playing team deathmatch so im probably going to avoid siege for awhile, even though i do like that game mode

The game has achievements which give you in game currency (and 1 that gives 400 cashshop currency which is enough for 1 or 2 cosmetic things)
Getting those achievements seems like the best way to earn in game currency since each match doesnt really reward you that much, even if you get MVP and first place
In my 2 hours of playtime i got 5745 credits
Mechs are the most expensive thing to unlock, they require 6410 credits, so it seems like it will take awhile to get stuff (especially since you get less achievements the more you play)

There doesnt seem to be a way to change your secondary weapon on the starter mech, i dont know if this is because its the starter mech or if you just cant change any of the secondary weapons for any of the mechs, you also cant change your main ability

Overall its a pretty good game
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PostSubject: Re: Hawken   Hawken I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 1:07 am

Serenity09 wrote:
and i have played hawken i just forgot to tell you my name
its Kudryevka
ive gotten two robots so far, the medium one you start with and then i also unlocked the Reaper which is a light mech with midrange guns. he's fast but i didnt realize exactly how all encompassing his speed would be into being even decent with him

I added you
Yeah the type A mechs arent really my playstyle, i played the scout (since it was free) and hated it, i also played the rocketeer and liked it, but didnt like the lack of mobility, type B mechs seem like the best choice for me
I kindve want to play the technician, but since its type A i dont know if i should, im hoping its free next week so i can try it out

For now im just going to stick with the starter mech
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PostSubject: Re: Hawken   Hawken I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 1:59 pm

thanks for quoting that, i was gonna split it as an afterthought but was super lazy
i keep really wanting to like type A mechs. i played a game of team deathmatch and there was an infiltrator in it that literally just wrecked my entire team all game long. we were all good players too but he went 29 and 4. He would dodge bullets at point blank and was just untouchable except by complete luck. He might have been a bot
Originally I was gonna unlock a medium mech but after that match I wanted to try a type A... gah... so hard to play him well
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PostSubject: Re: Hawken   Hawken I_icon_minitime

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