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PostSubject: Cruiser Command   Cruiser Command I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 22, 2013 4:38 pm

Last night me and seren played a custom game called cruiser command for sc2
It started out with us playing a really crappy game called gunship runner, for some reason (probably the name gunship) i thought of an old wc3 game, the one where you have a ship and you fight another ship while building towers/buildings that have different functions
I said something like someone should remake it for sc2, so we looked and seren found cruiser command, which isnt anything like the game we were thinking of

But it seems like a really cool game
I say seems like a cool game because we only played 1 game of it and i didnt really know what to do and by the time i was figuring it out my character was crushed to death by falling debris as our ship exploded
Even though we lost miserably and i had no idea what i was doing it was still a lot of fun

The idea of the game is that your on a team and your team has a ship, a battlecruiser and each person has to run different systems on the ship to make the ship work in order to destroy the enemy battlecruiser that has a team doing the same thing you are
You control a marine and can walk around on the ship, you walk up to ship systems and can control that system as long as your marine stands there
So like if you want to control the ships weapons, you walk your marine to the bridge, and go up to the weapons console and your taken to a view of space where you can then fire missiles (if any are loaded) and the ships main lasers (which uses energy)
Your marine can die if theres falling debris that falls on you, the ship will fall apart when it takes damage

Theres a bunch of different systems, like navigation that lets you fly the ship, weapons, science terminal, drone control, construction, upgrades, and power regulation
Those are the only ones i actually used, so there might be more systems then that
You also have to load missiles manually by going to the lower level of the ship, and you have to refine minerals on the same level (which is tedious), but you can use drone control to automate those things (if you built drones)

You can also fly smaller ships out from the battlecruiser, there are mining ships, which is the only way to get minerals (there are 4 or 5 different resources in the game, and they are shared by everyone on the team)
Theres attack ships too, as well as a better mining ship i think
The smaller ships are piloted by 1 person, if they are destroyed you have to build new ones

Everyone that has sc2 should get together and play it
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PostSubject: Re: Cruiser Command   Cruiser Command I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 11:54 am

i played another game of it after you left
it was pretty fun. i was a miner again which is really easy to be good at and really vital at any point in the game which has its pros and cons. makes for a good intro for anyone, but by the time you can really enjoy the game you absolutely don't want to do it (but need to)
i'd like to play a game w friends though -- that could be fun and if we had 4 people 2v2 could be really awesome. 2 ships, horribly undercrewed trying to figure out wtf to do

and we should actually make missile war (was that its name?), pat
im going to have about a month of free time in a few weeks. we should do it then.
do you want to literally just port the wc3 game over (with improvements via it working better for sc2) or should we play with the mechanics as well?
we'll need something really well done to make a good game that is so passive
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Cruiser Command
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