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 The Survival Games (take 2)

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The Survival Games (take 2) Empty
PostSubject: The Survival Games (take 2)   The Survival Games (take 2) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 1:42 pm

OK guys
we're trying this again
The Survival Games

this is going to be open to anyone and everyone (so if you pirate the game game (which is really easy to do) you can play too). the game is available for both mac and pc so no excuses (ach)
the timing for this event will be
Friday Afternoon - Friday Night (The Doors)
Saturday Night - As long as it takes (The Hunger Games)
Which Friday and Saturday not yet decided, but as almost everything is together we can almost guarente it will be soon
We need a minimum of 6 people for me to throw the event and can go up to 12. I'm guessing 4-6 will be from TMMM.

The Survival Games will be in two distinct parts
Part One: The Doors
Part Two: The Hunger Games

The Doors
A series of short to medium length mini-games. For some of these contests there will be no sprinting. For others there will be additional plugins to add to the experience. The mini-games will be:

Ladder Race
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-012
Each individual attempts to climb a puzzling array of ladders to be the first to the top. Knocking others off the ladders is allowed, and at a few hundred feet up they might not get a chance to get you back.

3 Dimensional Labyrinth
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-013
Can you figure out this puzzle and be the first to the end?

A Team Puzzle
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-014
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-015
Two hopefully even teams will compete to solve an identical puzzle before the other team does

Ice Obstacle Course(s?)
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-016
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-017
All Players will enter an ice-slalom course at the same time and wind their way to the finish line. You only have 2 lives for this one so while the first few get the most points, those who die get none.

That game where there is a glass floor over a lava pit
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-018
All players are released onto a glass floor where they can smash the panels attempting to drop other players into the lava below while trying to dodge other's attempts at doing the same to them.

Realtime Mafia
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-019
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-020
In a long obsidian corridor there are many rooms. Each player picks a single room and it becomes theirs. In that room the players discover what their role is within the village. Killer, Alarmist, Bulletproof, Villager who will you be. And just as importantly, how will you interact with sprawling labyrinth that borders your village?

Stronghold Capture the Flag
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-021
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-022
The Survival Games (take 2) 2013-023
Two equal teams occupy an identical base at opposite ends of a inescapable box. Each team must fight or tunnel their way into the other's base in order to steal, and return with, their flag

The Hunger Games
The Survival Games (take 2) Arena

This is the main event, all your points earned in the earlier games will be put into having an edge here.

Players are warped to their respective start locations and the countdown starts.
Once the countdown is finished, the lever will be thrown.
Players are released into the arena and must find resources to survive and be the last player alive.
When a player dies, they are removed from the arena and put back where they were when the game started. They may then join another game, spectate or play elsewhere on the server.
Once there is only one player left in an arena, the game is over and the winner is declared.

The only rules are:

There can only be one winner
Game areas are bound
There can only be one winner
No hacking or making me mad
There can only be one winner.

Plugins also included will be:
Party chat
Sneaking (hidden names while sneaking and a few other fun things)
Anti X-Ray (obviously hacks are forbidden, but this will actually be enforced in case I don't notice)

i'll add some spoiler pictures every few days
ehh added em all at once

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PostSubject: Re: The Survival Games (take 2)   The Survival Games (take 2) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 2:35 pm

You should use books instead of signs in the role rooms for mafia if you arent already using books
Just to make sure that others cant read the signs to find out what role someone is

Also its impossible for normal users to place lava (unless its only disabled for me for some reason), even if its not a bucket of lava, so that special chest in that 1 event that had lava is pointless to go to since you cant use it

Ill try to be there both days, friday and saturday night is like the worst time for me though
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The Survival Games (take 2) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survival Games (take 2)   The Survival Games (take 2) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 3:15 pm

smart, i like that idea i havent gotten a chance to play with books yet either.

lava will be enabled for the games of course, ill be doing a full test run as a normal player with collin (as an admin) to make sure there are no permissions hiccups.

when it is time for the full tournament, i believe that collin will be helping me in an administrator capacity during the mini-games then will become a player for the hunger games (as that is random and you can't prepare or have an advantage for it)

edit: added pictures for The Doors event
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The Survival Games (take 2) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survival Games (take 2)   The Survival Games (take 2) I_icon_minitime

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The Survival Games (take 2)
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