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 Tribes Ascend

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PostSubject: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 16, 2011 2:52 pm

Tribes Ascend is the next game in the Tribes series
Tribes came out in 1998, i loved it when i was a kid

The main mode of the game is Capture the Flag, but its not your typical capture the flag
It has very large maps, jetpacks and is very fast paced

Tribes Ascend TribesAscend%202011-11-16%2014-01-46-07
All you see in this pic is playble map area, the enemy base is indicated by the red arrow behind the mountain on the right, your base is the blue arrow on the left

Now that map is large but that doesnt mean there is alot of travel time
Theres 2 ways to travel across the map
Vehicles and skiing
Vehicles cost credits that you earn for kills/assists/flag captures/repairing/taking out structures/etc and are actually slower then skiing, although the speed is guaranteed with vehicles, also 1 of them can fly
Skiing is activated by holding space, it makes you frictionless so when you hit the ground with any momentum that momentum is preserved and you continue at the speed you were going, using downward inclines on hills and your jetpack you can get some very fast speed (just under 200mph is as fast as i got to)
While skiing you can look in any direction and will continue moving in the direction of your momentum, so you can have fights with other people at crazy speeds
Most of the weapons take advantage of that fact and most projectiles have travel time, which makes aiming much more difficult and fun

The flag is kept in a base, the base is defended by automated base turrets all of which are powered by a generator and uses radar to more accurately target people, the radar also helps you see enemies when they are near
The goal of the game is to not only capture the flag but to destroy the generator/turrets/radar and to protect your flag and keep your generator/turrets/radar repaired
You can upgrade the generator/turrets/radar with credits

Tribes Ascend TribesAscend%202011-11-16%2014-05-27-01
Level 4 generator that an engineer has just finished repairing, if the generator goes down everything else in the base wont work, you should keep it repaired and upgrade it when you can using the credits that you get which you can see here in the top right

There are many classes in the game, soldier, ranger, engineer, stealth, sniper, heavy, and other variations of those
Each class can deploy different things, like turrets, mines, and force fields

Tribes Ascend TribesAscend%202011-11-16%2014-05-46-98
A turret deployed by an engineer to help defend the entrance to the generator

Each class also has a special "super" ability, the soldier can call down a tactical strike which is a very large AOE attack
The deployables and "super" abilities cost credits

You can spend credits to call down inventory stations or powerful orbital strikes
Each class also has a special pack in addition to the jetpack, the pack can give invisibility, more ammo, better repairing, more energy, more hp, more damage
Some use energy to use, passive ones like more energy dont take energy to use
Energy is also used for your jetpack, it regenerates pretty fast though

The game was released, you can play for free by clicking the giant red "play for free" button here:
If your interested in playing post here

The game is in beta right now and when it comes out it will be free to play
You might be able to get a beta key from here:

The only problem i have with the game is that each class costs 15000 tokens to unlock (or 520 gold which you buy for about $5)
You earn tokens by playing but the most you can get per game is 75 (the least is 45)
So in order to earn 15000 you need to play at least 300 games, each game can last more then 30 mins (normally its 20-25) so that 75+ hours of play before you can unlock your first class and the only 2 classes you can play at first are soldier and ranger, neither of which i particularly like
But it is in beta so the price could change
Also since its in early beta the game crashes constantly for me, every time a map loads after having just played a map

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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 8:25 pm

I'm probably going to buy this game, I fucking loved tribes when it came out lol. The game is awesome in so many ways. I'm just annoyed that they took out the grapple that was soooo much fun lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 4:21 pm

This game went through a massive update

The UI for the main menu was completely redone, i didnt mention it before but the way the UI was when i made this topic was terrible, most of it felt incomplete which is why i didnt mention it (i figured they would fix it later)
The new UI is great, they didnt just fix it, they upgraded it to look and function really well

Tokens are gone, exp is the currency for unlocking stuff without using real money
On average you should be getting at least 600 exp per game (if you dont suck), at minimum youll get 400 exp (unless you really suck, youd pretty much have to be afk the whole match to get less then 400 exp), if you play well you can get up to 1000 exp
You get 1200 bonus exp for the first win of the day

They change some of the models for the different classes, giving them a unique looking armor so you can tell them apart at a glance (although thats hard to do when moving at 150 mph 200 feet in the air)
The cost for unlocking classes has been reduced, theres a couple that cost 7200 exp to unlock, which are the cheapest ones, the most expensive costs 18000 exp
With the new exp currency it takes much less time to unlock classes now (i unlocked 1 of the 7200 exp cost classes after 6 games)

The classes themselves have changed, theres more options like you can pick which pack, belt, primary weapon, and secondary weapon you want to use for most of the classes
Theres usually 2 choices to pick between for each part (only 1 is unlocked, the other choice needs exp or gold[real money] to unlock)
And each part can be upgraded to be more effective (which only uses exp, so you cant buy power with gold)
The price to upgrade varies, they start small (1000-2000 exp) and double for each level (up to 3 lvls)
The price for weapons can get crazy, 100000 exp for a single weapon for use by a single class, the cheapest weapon is 40000 exp (most are around 75000 exp)
You can buy weapons with gold though, the 100000 exp ones are $9-$10 worth of gold
The unlockable weapons arent inherently more powerful then the ones you start with, they just work differently for the most part, except 1

The 1 unlockable weapon that is more powerful then the one you start with is the MIRV, it costs 100k exp or $9
The MIRV is ridiculous, its a rocket launcher, it can autolock/track targets after a short time of aiming at the target, it can 1 hit kill most classes (even if its not a direct hit), and works at long range and even at high speeds
Only heavy classes can use it

The game runs alot better now, it hasnt crashed on me after 8 or so games in a row
But its not perfect, i have been d/ced from a server, the game froze up for a few seconds before kicking me back to the menu, making me think the game had crashed
It looks like it was the server that went down because when it happened, when i joined another server, some of the people from the server i was just in were there saying they got d/ced too

As for the gameplay itself, the biggest change is that most of the guns have been made to use projectiles
So when you shoot the gun it takes time for your bullet to reach the target, i like it alot more, it actually makes smg's (for example) more effective then they used to be (as long as you can figure out the aiming) since each shot does more damage then previously
Also there was a "change" to the shrike (an aircraft vehicle) that makes it unusable, its a bug that causes the shrike to just fail and crash, they will probably fix it soon
At first i thought it was my complete failure that caused me to crash immediately after getting in, my controls were messed up, my mouse was inverted, i hadnt configured vehicle controls yet, but even after i fixed it and took off i still crashed
Someone that saw it just laughed at me and said shrikes are broken this patch

Its a lot of fun
Post here if you start playing

I almost forgot, you can make the weapons look smaller, so they no longer take up 25% of the screen

There was a new patch that added a new mode (among other things)
The new mode is basically a 5v5 version of last man standing, the winning team is the team that has at least 1 surviving member, i havent had the chance to play it yet (i will tomorrow)

So if anyone is interested in playing theres nothing stopping you now (unless your name is amaz)

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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 1:07 pm

/rage this game looks so fucking amazing!
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 24, 2012 5:16 pm

So i played the new mode today, only 2 rounds
Certain classes dont really work for it, the heavy classes seem to be the best for it

Each team gets 25 respawns, so its possible for 1 person on your team to suck hard and die 20 times and take all the respawns
Once those run out it goes into last man standing
The maps for this mode are alot smaller, built for the mode
I dont really like it, its not that its bad, its just not my thing, maybe if i had some stuff unlocked for a heavy class, or even the soldier, i might like it more, but playing the class i have been playing (technician) is probably the worst class for that mode
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 6:49 pm

i tried the beta today with pat

besides only getting to play a very short bit of it, the game was reallyreally fun
its fast paced but not so much so that you feel like youre always getting behind (and i imagine the better you get the better this is). the actual shooting mechanics are fun--leading people is challenging but not frustratingly so. skiing is the main way to get around large open areas quickly and its addicting.

as pat said there are a ton of classes but you only start out with 3. ontop of that each one has unlockable items / upgrades which you can either get ingame (free) or money (less free)

my laptop overheated about 20min into my first match which made the game crash, but the parts i got to play were great. a bit confusing for the first game, but what interesting game isnt?

tl;dr i suck at pc fps's but i thought this one was great
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 8:06 pm

The game we played wasnt ideal for a first time player
We joined the loosing side and it was on one of the hardest maps

I dont know why i never listed the classes, i guess i didnt have enough experience with them back then to describe each one
But since i do now, ill list them
Im not going to go into detail about all the different packs and belt items each class can use though, since theres alot

This is 1 of the 3 classes that you start with
Its really fast and is mostly for capturing the flag
It has low hp but the speed makes up for it
Its pretty hard to play as this class, you need to be good at skiing in order to grab the flag fast enough
But its a good class to play to learn how to ski because its easier to recover from a skiing mistake then with the other classes

This is the sniper class
This class is great for killing people at a distance, unless the class you are shooting at is a sentinel you are pretty much safe from counter attack with the distance you can fire from
The bullets fired from the sniper rifle have travel time, its incredibly hard to use against moving targets but is great for killing people defending the flag since they are relatively stationary
It can also destroy deployable turrets in 2 hits

This class is the stealth class
It has very high damage output, especially against base structures (like the generator), but low hp
It can easily sneak into enemy bases
Its best at destroying structures that are inside the enemies base

This class is 1 of the 3 you start with
This class excels at nothing, but can do pretty much anything
Theres really no reason to play this class, unless you dont know what class you would rather play, or if you dont want to focus on doing specific things

This class is an engineer
Its best at defending an important area, like the flag or the generator
It can repair base structures faster then the other classes
Its not that great in combat, unless it deploys turrets
Its weapons suck vs base structures
If the base isnt under attack you can head to the enemy base and try to go for the flag, but dont try to destroy any of the base structures

This class has a good amount of hp and damage output
It has a high amount of hp when using the pack ability
Its best for destroying base structures that are outside the enemy base and vehicles
It's damage output against non-armored targets isnt great

This is 1 of the 3 classes you start with
It has high health and good damage output vs people, but is very slow and has very little energy
Its damage against armored targets, like base structures, sucks
This is the class you play if you just want to kill people with no regard to the flags, to base defense/attack, or to skiing

This class is the tank class
It has very high hp and decent damage output
It is very slow but has many defensive abilities for defending the flag
It stays in the base, going outside is possible, but takes awhile to get anywhere
It is best to stand on top of your team's flag and defend it

This class deals large amounts of splash damage and has high hp
Its alot like the soldier but better
If you like the soldier then this class would be a good upgrade (rather then upgrading any of the stuff the soldier has)
Unlike the soldier it cant really capture the flag because it is slower
If you play deathmatch, or arena mode, this is probably the best choice of class to go with
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 10:49 pm


Can we get a rating on this game?
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 12:07 pm

You arent supposed to read it all
I just put this here for a reference for those wondering what each class can do in the game

Id rate it at 9/10
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 1:41 pm

Tribes Ascend Cad-20120413-7f371
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 2:45 pm

Lmao seren

Tribes Ascend is now out of beta, sign up and play it for free here:
You get an exp boost by using that link and if you get to lvl 6 i get 5000xp

They also added a new map
A map from Tribes 1, the best map from Tribes 1, called Raindance
And they added a new mode where you capture and hold points

I havent played the new mode yet, you need to be rank 8 to play it (which i didnt check before posting) and i only played 2 games since the last time i posted so i only went from rank 6 to 7 so i cant play it yet

Im only posting here again because theres 2 promotional codes you can use to get free stuff from the game
To enter promo codes click the Extras button on the main menu and hit Enter promotional code from there
You dont have to use the code right away, so if you plan on playing this game at some point in the future i suggest you get them while you can and hold onto them until you can use them

250 free gold
You can go here:
And use that to get 250 gold, you can only do it once though, i tried to do it more then once because it didnt say that i unlocked it but it did give me the gold so i thought it might work more then once but when i tried it the 2nd time it said it unlocked it but didnt give anymore gold
With that gold you can buy the infiltrator class which would normally require 14000 exp (that was the best use of that amount of gold that i could see)
That promotion ends on May 31st, you might need to use the code before then

Free spinfuser for the soldier
Make an account here:
I highly recommend doing this for 2 reasons
1. The gun the soldier starts with isnt as fun to use, and is more difficult to use in most situations
2. The spinfuser costs 50000 exp or more and would be take awhile to unlock from playing
Theres only 800 more codes left so i would suggest getting that asap

Ill keep looking for more

EDIT: I forgot to mention they also enabled custom servers
Custom servers can have custom rules, like spawning without any weapons, friendly fire being on, banning certain classes from being used, no call ins, different win conditions, no base structures, etc
Currently theres only 15 of these servers on the east coast, 10 of them actually have people in them
I havent played in them yet but i dont think you earn exp or anything for playing in them

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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 18, 2012 12:57 pm

hmm when doing the free spinfuser make sure to not get impatient and refresh the page... it tells you that you've already redeemed your code... oops
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 4:44 pm

You could make another account to get another one
But I have another key for the spinfuser if you dont want to do that

Also theres 4500 more spinfuser keys here if you didnt get to that other site in time (the other site still has about 400 left):
I havent found any other free offers yet

So i got around to playing capture and hold today
This mode was in tribes 1, but i never played it back then
I only played capture the flag and defend and destroy back in tribes 1

I went into the mode thinking i wasnt going to like it because i dont normally like point capturing modes
I like them more when only certain classes can cap the point, but when everyone can cap the point it becomes essentially a deathmatch mode with designated areas of fighting where the 2 sides slowly gain/lose ground
But its done a bit differently here

The first major difference from other games that you cap points in is that each point is like a mini base, equipped with a turret, radar, and an inventory station, some have a vehicle station
These things change teams based on who owns that point

The 2nd major difference, the one that i like the most, is that you dont have to stand or interact with the point to cap it, you can just run/ski over it and it gets capped
It takes a few seconds to change teams once someone runs/skis over it which gives the other team a bit of time to take it back before it changes
Because of that the action is still fast paced and anything can happen, even if it looks like 1 team is dominating the other team can turn it around out of no where, so you can never let your guard down
It makes every match feel as exciting as those close ones you occasionally get in other games that have this mode

Another, minor, difference is that the points count up rather then down
For every capture point your team holds you get +1 point per second
So if theres 4 points on the map and your team has 3 and the enemy has 1 your team will get 3 points per second where as the enemy team only gets 1 point per second
The first team to 400 points wins (the amount of points you need to win differs on some maps)

Repairing the turret/radar seems pointless because when the enemy takes that point the stuff you just repaired will be used against you
Much like arena mode certain classes seem to work better in this mode, although its not as bad as arena mode is, the only classes that might not be a good choice for this mode are the infiltrator and technician, but since you can cloak as the infiltrator and still deploy turrets to defend points as the technician they have their uses, personally i like playing a soldier in this mode
A lot of the time you can see other points from the point you are defending, so what i was doing was offensively clearing heavily defended enemy points across the map with tactical/orbital strikes from the point that i was defending/had just capped, while this is fun to do, its kindve unfair on certain points and should be changed so that you cant do it right from another point
The maps for this are a lot of fun, but theres 1 point on 1 map that is terribly designed, it becomes ridiculous when you get killed/can kill without even realizing wtf is going on since everything is exploding all the time, once you realize what that point is all about you can rack up kills fairly easily by just shooting wildly in any direction, i really hope they redesign that area

Overall i like it
Its a nice change of pace from CTF


I started playing a bit of this again
There were some updates since the last time I played

They added a new CTF map called Tartarus, which looks really nice but isnt designed that well
The main base is very small, just 2 rooms and hallways that have no purpose being there other then to be used to hide in
The landscape design isnt that bad, its mainly just the base that is poorly designed

They added a deal of the day sale thing
Every 24 hours 1 item goes on sale for you
Ive only seen 1 deal so far, it was 70% off the gold price, it looks like its possible for the EXP price to be the one that is reduced but i think it will mostly be reduced gold prices to try and get more people to buy gold

They added videos that you can watch from the menu
The videos are made by the community and include livestreams of pros and training videos from youtube
It is really buggy and has actually caused my game to crash while i tried to watch one from there

There was a double EXP weekend during memorial day weekend but i missed it, even if i knew about it i still wouldve missed it (worst weekend to have double exp ever)

I tried Arena mode again now that i had some more stuff unlocked
It was better when using the brute class, but i still didnt like it
They added a map to the mode, called Walled In, it is far better than the other maps for that mode and made me like the mode a bit more, too bad there arent more maps like that

Capture and Hold was changed so that you cant use shrikes anymore (i think, i remember being able to use shrikes and in the games of it i played before and today i couldnt, so i guess they removed them from that mode)
Other than that it is exactly the same, the point on that map i was talking about in my last post is still the same, i still think it is badly designed but now that i have the brute unlocked ive been racking up easy exp by throwing fractal nades into that area and getting top score on the board while barely trying to accomplish the goal of the game mode
So i dont mind the poor design of that point as much as i did before

They added more weapons, i tested some and the plasma cannon(brute)/plasma gun(raider) seems to be the only ones i would want to use but the plasma cannon is a secondary weapon, i use the secondary weapon as a way to finish off an enemy that has low hp at close range and the plasma cannon doesnt seem to be as good at that as the auto-shotgun is, it really should be a primary weapon
The brute also got a gun called the Gladiator as a primary weapon, it acts more like a secondary weapon, so if you use the plasma cannon and gladiator together it would work (which is what i think the devs wanted since the 2 weapons are packed together as a bundle that you can buy with gold)

Also i forgot to mention in the last post, you can test weapons/classes/packs you dont have in training mode by just selecting it (even though it says you cant)
Not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended, i hope it is intended because its nice to know how each weapon feels before using exp on it and then finding out that you hate it


Pat1487 wrote:
Capture and Hold was changed so that you cant use shrikes anymore (i think, i remember being able to use shrikes and in the games of it i played before and today i couldnt, so i guess they removed them from that mode)

Shrikes weren't removed from capture and hold, im just an idiot
Ive been playing the brute for capture and hold and heavy classes cant use the shrike, which i forgot until i played as a brute in CTF where i remembered when i couldn't get a shrike there either

Theres a large update coming to the game, it will change the way exp works
Instead of spending EXP to unlock stuff, the stuff you use automatically unlocks based on how much exp you get
You still get the same amount of exp to get new weapons and stuff with
They are also adding a bunch of new weapons
Ill post more about that update after it happens
Probably on thursday (if the update happens by thursday)


Pat1487 wrote:
Theres a large update coming to the game, it will change the way exp works
Instead of spending EXP to unlock stuff, the stuff you use automatically unlocks based on how much exp you get
You still get the same amount of exp to get new weapons and stuff with
They are also adding a bunch of new weapons
Ill post more about that update after it happens
Probably on thursday (if the update happens by thursday)

I forgot to post this

The new update added 27 new weapons
All of the new weapons are just old weapons with slightly different stats
Like the shotgun for example, the new one deals more damage but has less ammo and less clip size than the old one
Most of the new weapons have stats that end up making it more powerful only if your aim is really good, they are less powerful if you miss a lot
They cost between 18000 and 4800 exp, most cost 14000 exp or 18000 exp, i think only 1 or 2 cost 4800 exp

The upgrade unlock change is better than i thought it would be
It lets you save all your exp for weapons and equipment rather then dumping it all into upgrades
You can still dump exp into upgrades, but you have to spend about 15000 exp to master the item (which is less or about the same as the total was to get to mastery before this update)
You cant upgrade an item to the last good upgrade right away anymore though
I want to get 1 of the new spinfusers but it wont have the +20% dmg to armored upgrade that the one i currently have has, and since its the 2nd upgrade i dont want to use 15k exp to unlock it, so i really dont feel like playing with it without the +20% damage to armor upgrade

They also added a new map, which i hate
Its a capture and hold map based on the CTF map called Crossfire
Crossfire, the CTF map, is good, the capture and hold version of it sucks
It barely resembles Crossfire
It has long flat areas with tiny hills between the flat areas, so you can barely get speed
You can fall off the edge of the map, which will kill you slowly
And its really small in comparison to the other maps
I dont know what their map designers are thinking
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 1:13 pm

Here are videos made by the devs for all the major updates that ive been talking about here
I figure this will be easier then reading through all the stuff ive written over the past couple of months, under the video ill put a shorter version of my thoughts about it
In the future i will include the video for the update i talk about and will try to ramble on less

The jackal is very powerful when used in certain situations, skins arent worth it because you move so fast and are so far from others (see serens post with the comic)

The plasma rifle is too powerful if used by someone with really good aim

I like Tartarus, it looks good, plays well, the base is too simple but it does the job
I dont play arena so i still havent played Hinterlands
Loadouts make it easier if you play a class in more than 1 way, but you need a lot of stuff unlocked for that and i still havent actually needed to use the loadouts

The gladiator seems underpowered, people rarely use it and when i see it used it never really causes a problem for me or anyone around compared to any other the other explosive weapons
The plasma cannon is more balanced than the plasma rifle since the fire rate is slower
The video thing is nice, especially if your new to playing

Unlocking upgrades for weapons is much faster, i started playing the pathfinder and in 5 games went from having 9% of the upgrades unlocked to 40% unlocked, which would have used to take 40 games or more
A few of the new weapon variants are more powerful than the original, like The Hammer
The balance changes they made were good

Stonehenge is a decent map, i dont like the interior of the base, it looks large but the inside is really cramped, its even worse then the base on Tartarus, that shot they show you of the generator is pretty much the entire inside of the base, i do like the outside of the map though, and i really like how the flag stand is set up
I dont play deathmatch so i didnt play Miasma, it looks nice though

Also Tribes Ascend is now on Steam, so its easier than ever to get
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PostSubject: Re: Tribes Ascend   Tribes Ascend I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 3:44 pm

So a large update for this game came out last week, i havent really played since august so because of the update i thought i would start playing again
Im going to make this post like i did the last one, where i post the update video and talk about the things in that update

The twinfusor isnt really my thing, the classic style spinfusor is just better in my opinion, being able to fire off 2 discs isnt worth the lower damage that each disk does

The new map Permafrost is cool, when the generator goes down a shield by the flag deactivates to allow for easier flag grabbing (they changed it from what they say in that video)
The other map, dangerous crossing, seems a lot smaller than i remember from tribes 1, i liked this map in tribes 1 but not so much here, also the dense fog was a thing in tribes 1 because computers back then couldnt handle rending the whole map at a 1 time so they used fog to allow for giant maps but still have it run on 90's computers, i dont know why they decided to carry dense fog into the ported map, it just seems weird to me that they would simulate something that was done in the past to limit the games graphics

The new skins are pretty pointless as ive said in the past, just refer to the comic seren posted whenever you see new skins
The new voice packs are kindve annoying, people spam voice more it seems, they are too expensive in my opinion, not really worth buying, you cant buy them with exp either
The clan tag thing is nice, but thats the only clan support the game has

Blitz is a fun mode, since the flag moves around every time its captured it makes ctf feel more dynamic, its kindve a pain as a doombringer because you have to keep moving around and resetting up your defense

The TC24 isnt as good as the thumper in my opinion, the thumper can kill in 2 hits where as the tc24 takes double that, the tc24 is easier to aim though as it fires like the plasma gun, where as the thumper fires in an arc
The repair kit is nice, you can throw it down and leave to let it repair for you, i prefer the motion sensors though as it gives you a lot more info
The EXR turret doesnt work on fast moving targets so it is better indoors, but much much worse outside, normally i put 1 turret near the gen and 1 turret near the flag stand to cover both of them, with the EXR turret you cant really do that because the exr will never hit anything when its near the flag

The classic voice packs are nice, but again, they cost too much, they really should make the classic voices unlockable with exp, the new voices being cash only is fine, but the old voices arent even their work, they shouldnt even be able to sell them

The SAP20 is being used by every high level sniper now, it is the best sniper rifle in the game, the refire rate isnt that much higher and the small clip size isnt that much of a factor because it reloads quickly
None of the snipers seem to use the shotgun (they all use the falcon) so i cant tell you how effective it is, the falcon just looks better though
The motion mine is better than the claymore for defending the flag, but worse to defend your sniper position

The spare spinfusor for the soldier is kind of ridiculous, basically you can create your own twinfusor by firing you main spinfusor and the immediately switching to your spare spinfusor and fire that
The main problem with it is that you can have the assault rifle and a spinfusor, that combination is just really powerful, especially with the quickdraw perk

The blinksfusor for the pathfinder is nice, its really hard to use, because moving to the side of what your shooting at causes your shot to go diagonally
It also causes your disc to stop in mid air if you shoot it directly behind you while moving at high speeds, which makes it much harder to shoot people that are chasing you

I cant really comment on the map changes or balance changes near the end of the video since i didnt play during this patch

The server browser is better than the old matchmaking, though i wish the old matchmaking was still in the game because you used to be able to get servers full of people who were all near your level, now once your past level 8 you pretty much end up playing against level 30s or even level 50s, so it seems much harder for new players, they need to have more level ranges, like 1-8, 9-18, 19-30, 31-40, and 41-50

The language packs really have no effect on me, i havent seen people speaking in french or german, but i only play on the NA servers
If i had been playing when this update came out i wouldve been really disappointed in it since they didnt add anything really

Bella Omega was playable in the beta and for some reason they removed it, back in beta it was a snow map, i liked it
Now they brought it back as a desert map, and its even better than it was, the shields around the flag are controlled by the generator, when the gen is down the flag is easier to cap
There are also underground speed tubes, which accelerate you up to 250mph instantly allowing you to ski through them at high speeds (you can stop in the middle of them if you want)
My first game on this new map i spent the whole time trying to bring the flag through those tubes because i wanted a fight in the tubes, i finally got the flag in there but no one chased me into it so i just kept going around the tubes until someone finally jumped in and we fought, it was a lot of fun, but the tubes are a really terrible way to go if you actually want to capture the flag because once you reach the end of them your only half way across the map and you have to jet out of the underground bit where you are very vulnerable

Blue shift looks like a tribes 2 map, everything about it just says tribes 2, but i dont remember it from tribes 2 and as far as i can tell its not a remake of a tribes 2 map, so they did a really good job capturing tribes 2 with this map
Its probably my favorite map of the game now
Theres speed launchers on the top of each base, they work like the speed tubes where you go 250mph, but these are team specific so you cant use the enemy teams speed launcher to help with capping the flag

Canyon revival is an ok map, the flag stand is open from all sides all the time so flag caps can happen really quickly, theres a really easy back to front route that takes very little effort to set up and you can grab the flag at 230mph and get back to your base in no time at all

I havent played arena, but i will because i do want to see those new maps, they look cool
Rabbit is a fun mode that almost no one plays, i havent played it yet either, but i will for the new maps, hopefully i can find a server where theres people actually playing it

The shocklance was an awesome weapon in the old tribes, here not so much, it is basically a melee gun that uses energy to fire and deals extra damage to enemies when you hit them from behind, but the close combat perk pretty much deals the same amount of damage from behind as the shocklance does so its really not worth it
Although you can combine the shocklance with the close combat perk and kill the heavy class from behind in pretty much 1 hit (fire the shocklance then hit melee right after and they will hit 1 after another very quickly)
You can use the shocklance on any class, but it seems only to be useful to the infiltrator (im using it on my infiltrator with close combat, cloaking to get behind the enemy and even killing the hof in 1 hit which is hilarious)

Shields on the base structures are great, this is how it shouldve been from the beginning
The problem now though is that technicians have less to do since the base assets will be up more often, once i set up a defense for the gen room i had nothing to do but wait for someone to try to take the flag or wait for someone to break the defense in the gen room
Before you could repair the base stuff in the times between attacks but now theres a lot more downtime just waiting for technicians
I started to spend the time going out to kill juggernauts that are shelling the flag stand, which is what raiders or soldiers normally do but it was really the only thing to do, the problem with that is that you end up really far from the base so when your defense starts to come under attack it takes longer for you to respond

The single purchase option allows you to spend $30 for all the stuff that is currently in the game
Previously if you wanted to buy all the stuff in the game for cash it would take 100s of dollars to do
Stuff that they add to the game after this update wont be included in that $30 purchase so you will have to use exp to unlock the new stuff or buy it with gold
Ive unlocked pretty much everything i want with exp so im not going to spend $30 on it, for people that have spent more than $30 already they get a discount of like $10 which is BS because there are people that spent $100 or more that supported the game the most and they get screwed over, you cant even buy the goty package with gold which just sucks
Also the voice packs and skins arent included in the $30 package so you would still have to buy those with gold separately

The $30 package may be worth it to brand new players but i would rather just play the game to unlock the stuff like i have been doing

And 1 thing that none of these videos mentioned for some reason, they halved the exp cost of all items at some point
So weapons that used to be 100000 exp are now a more reasonable 50000 exp, perks are 9000 exp, and certain gun variations are as low as 500 exp which you can unlock after playing a single game
The most expensive class is 9000 exp now, so its easier than ever to unlock stuff
I dont know why they lowered the prices or when, so it might be a limited time thing, so unlock as much as you can while the prices are half off
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Its been like a year since i played this, but im starting to play it again

There hasnt been any updates since the last time i posted, the devs abandoned the game
They were also developing smite and i guess that was more profitable so they are working on that full time now
Its disappointing but makes sense, the devs are a fairly small team and working on 2 (technically 3) games all the time would be too hard, plus smite is a moba and everyone wants mobas for some reason so tribes didnt stand much of a chance

There are a lot of people still playing it though, it seems like the same number of people are playing now as their were playing back then
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So since ach still hasnt gotten this i decided to make a video of me playing to hopefully inspire him to get it (plus i just wanted to make a video since theres been all this talk of making videos)
Also it can show joe and other people that are new to the game the kind of cool things you can do once you learn how to play

Im not starting a series or anything, this will probably be a 1 time thing
Originally i was going to cut together clips from this to make like a highlights reel, since theres no commentary, but i decided to just put up the whole thing and tell you the clips i wouldve used if i had made a highlights reel so that you can see the whole thing if you want

The timestamps for the clips are in the video description on youtube so you can easily skip around to them
And im playing on a server with instant respawns and free shrikes/cycles just for fun

My computer started to melt down near the end, the hard drive i was recording to was about to fill up completely so its a good thing the game ended when it did
I feel like making a hearthstone series would be super super easy as that game is easy to run and hd space wouldnt be a prob with how short the games are
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I liked that. it does look really cool.
its weird seeing how the jetpack feature effects movement. I've never seen a fps like that.

Do you have a mic that gets decent audio quality?
You should do commentary of hearthstone, and explain your decisions. Cus i find that part pretty interesting in hs. and you wouldn't have to deal with verbalizing a stream of thought while making real time reactions.

Also, why are all your video's unlisted. It claims you have no uploads when i follow that video.
And i couldn't find your old channel with your sc2 uploads, but maybe thats cus you made all those unlisted too.
I was gonna link your channel on my channel, but i couldn't find one with content.
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I made them unlisted cause theres no point in putting them up for the world since there will only be 1 (and the other 1 is just there so i could show that clip since i couldnt find it anywhere)

The other channel, replayspat, has them listed like normal though but i forgot the password to it and dont feel like going through the trouble of recovering it
If i actually made a video series i would probably make a new channel for it but i dont think i will, i was just saying how easy it is for the popular hearthstone video makers, especially the ones that do arena since they dont need to get up into high ranks first
And i dont have a mic, my laptop has 1 built in to it but its not very good, i couldve added commentary to that tribes video after recording the video part with it but i didnt see the point

But yeah, the game is really cool and you should definitely get it and we should play
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you should record your heathstone games/arena, then i'll cast them and put them on my channel for the publicity Razz

ill be a lot less busy next weeek. and wwaaay less busy in 2 weeks. Not really less busy, but i'll be done with some stressful events. so i'll try to get it running on my partition very soon
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