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PostSubject: Clan Server   Clan Server I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 3:43 pm

Welcome to superfuntime with collin and max

Minecraft Server Ver.1 is finished!

here's the basics. collin now has a superdy nifty and shinny server and he's sharing it with us. normally i'd just paste the server IP but since its going to be semi private, ill just PM anyone who's interested with the ip information. yes band, that includes you.

read everything in this post (really do read it though) before you decide whether your interested. you don't need to have bought minecraft to participate either.

We're gonna test the waters of: Team PvP

First rule is that you must have read these before playing :P

Team Rules
You do not have to be on a team.
Teams do not have a maximum size.
    Teams with a size greater then 3 are gonna be called a mob.
    A mob is not registered as a team with the game. IE, you are not all members of a party - you just have an agreement that you're all gonna wreck as much havok as possible.
    If you die even once as a member of a mob, you are no longer in that mob or may help that mob

Mumble Server Rules
You are strongly suggested to get mumble (its like vent, but better). You don't have to have a mic, or if you're feeling shy you don't need to talk, but I hate repeating myself in mumble and then again in chat. The rules of the mumble server are:
    No trolling people you don't know
    Stay out of the chatrooms of people you don't know
    In PvP each team is going to get its own chatroom, you are allowed to spy on other teams by joining their chatrooms.
        If the other team notices you joined their chatroom, you have to go back to your own.
        If you are part of a mob, you cannot use mumble to communicate with any member of the mob.

Gameplay Rules:
No player mods. The server is going to have a few mods, but almost all of these are going to apply to everyone, and the ones that don't are only going to be used if someone violates the above rules. So you may not use anything that gives you an advantage. Obviously you may use texture packs (not ones that let you see through blocks though).
You may not attack an unarmed opponent (especially someone who just revived)
    If you kill someone who just re-spawned then you have the honor of giving them all your stuff. congrats.
Don't farm a specific person.
    If someone comes to me complaining that theyre having no fun and youre the only reason for that, I'm gonna be annoyed.
If you die, then you have to wait 1 minute before respawning
Player parties have a teleport function. You may only use this function when you are not in or about to be in a fight with other players. If this is abused at all it will be removed.

This game is going to based around points. In general, the more points you have, the better (too many and you might just be a target though)

You get:
1 point for killing somebody
4 points for killing somebody with a bounty on their head
2 points for killing somebody in an arranged match in the colloseum (you can have maximum of 1 ARENA fight per 5 points earned)
2 points for each block of diamond you have on your person* (as in 9 diamonds => 1 block of diamond)
1/2 point for each block of gold you have on your person* (as in 9 gold bars => 1 block of gold)
a variable amount of points for how you do in a special event

*on your person as in literally in your inventory. gold/diamond blocks thats are in a chest, placed on the ground etc does not count.

You lose:
1/2 a point for dying
all the points from losing the diamond/gold in your inventory
2 points for dying in the colloseum
no points for dying in a special event.

You may trade points in for a reward. You only get 1 from any category
5 points:
    +15 to 1 skill
    2 stacks of arrows
    4 blocks of TnT
    force somebody to a duel of your choice in the Colosseum.
    place a bounty on someone. whoever kills that person is awarded 4 points. Their mark's allies cannot collect the bounty.

10 points:
    +10 to 3 skills
    4 blocks of diamond
    10 blocks of TnT
    -5 points to someone else

15 points:
    +10 to 5 skills
    64 blocks of obsidian (is allowed to be killed)

30 points:
    a magic carpet
    1/2 stack of diamond
    kill someone for a day (1 day temp ban on that person)

100 points:
    progress the game to the next stage

You unlock an achievement for getting to certain ranks of a skill. This applies to all skills except for acrobatics. The skills that are the hardest to level up will be awarded extra points.
You get 2 points for every 50 ranks of a skill you have. Ex getting to rank 50 mining gets 2 points, rank 250 gets 10 points. Repair would probably be something like 2 points per 25 ranks.
And lots of other little easter egg type things. If you think you've found one, pm me and ill tell you if you get points :)

Special Events
will include:
Highlander - Everyones in an enclosed arena but... there can only be one.
King of the hill - hold the position on top of a block of diamond for a set amount of time and its yours.
FFA for a day - all teams/alliances are dissolved for 1 day. chaos ensues.
Capture the flag - everything is better with flags.
Labyrinth - escape the labyrinth to collect your prize.
Zombie - everyone versus 1 lone zombie. survival unlikely.
Best < > - the person with the best/coolest < > wins.

Stuff You Might Find Useful
This Mod Will Always Be Active

If you want to talk about the server, use this thread
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Server   Clan Server I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 3:22 pm

Version 1 is finished

the current available worlds are PVP and SMP
Planned worlds include Freebuild, RPG, Minigame and a few more that I can't remember

Currently, people who do not own the game cannot play. This is the first thing that we're going to fix and it will hopefully be done during this weekend - I'll re-announce then.

Cool thing about the server #1:
There are a lot of easter eggs to be found. Schematics for these are hidden around the various worlds.
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